Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Business as usual at Argyll Pottery :)

The bird feeders are always a good seller & the birds are always good advertising.....certainly cover the cost of their seeds & peanuts.
Now now no need to argue with each other.....there's plenty to go around.

This is our horses head that Alan made which keeps a watchful eye over the gallery at Argyll Pottery.
Hope you all like the winter scene, the wee houses & church can be bought separately for people to make there own Christmas scene at home. Little tip for you to recreate this.....use hairspray & icing sugar to get the snow effect :) The car crashing into the tree is just a wee extra authenticity.
& last of all I just wanted to show how great the pottery is looking at the moment after getting the outside of the building stripped back & resurfaced, looking good as new :)

Sunday, 3 October 2010

chim chiminee :)

Hey there folks, just thought id pop by with some pics of the latest firing to let everybody know that all is well at Argyll Pottery :) I've been up giving them a hand for a bit just over there busy period. Here's Hugh filling out the log book, he takes note of the temp every 15 minutes.

Got a good reduction going from the front of the kiln.......

& the back.

Sorry I haven't got pics of the results but I headed home before the kiln had cooled but I'm sure it all went well :)