Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Hugh & I's 2nd firing.

All guns a blazing :) this is our chimney puffing away about half way through our 16 hour firing.
We wait for two days to let the kiln cool down at a nice pace, then we get to start removing bricks & revealing the results. This is always an exciting time.

The results were good :) sorry about the faded photographs as the it was a very sunny day & caused problems trying to take pics.
These are some of Alan's last pieces as we have been putting a couple in each firing as we don't want to put all the eggs in one basket (just in case).

Here are some of my mice looking happy & fat, celebrating a successful firing :)


  1. lovely mice nicola, i do love the bowls fired together yummy touch on the outers..

  2. looks like the firing went well... love the matte-ish glaze on those big pitchers

  3. Yeah thats a lovely glaze, it's a granite glaze that's quaried at Bonaw quary, just about 5 miles from us at the pottery :)