Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The after pics :)

Another firing well done, loads of nice new pots for the shop. Couldn't help taking some pics before the bricks were even down, always an exciting but nervous part when you first see the outcome of six weeks work.
Glazes all came out well, got good reduction & great wood ash. There were so many different things we needed for the shop, so we done our best to have a good selection of pots.

Here is the after pic of Hugh's mug's & coffee cups, this is only some of them.........

These are some of my first lamp bases, pleased with how they turned out, just need to rub them down, wire them up & glue the lids on :)

& last but not least my wee mouse pot......this started its life as a lamp base but I've had thoughts of putting different animals on a range of pots, so it ended up with a cheeky little mouse as a stopper. He didn't hang around in the shop for long, he was out the door within 2 days to a loving home.


  1. you have been busy...the firing looks great and congrats on mousey...

  2. Well done. What nice pots. Good idea about the mouse. All the best, Ron

  3. Looking forward to coming up next week to get some long-coveted mugs and a few bits and bobs.