Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Firing done & dusted :)

This 1st pic is when the kiln was just put into reduction, it gives a nice dark flame.
Where this 2nd pic shows our reduction flame pretty much at end temperature about 1300C.

The 1st dragon nearest you was at the top back, 2nd top front & the 3rd at the bottom front, gives you an idea of the hottest & coolest parts of the kiln.

First bricks of the door down & we were pleased, so far so good & validation of great reduction.

There's was a lot of pot's Hugh & I have tried for the first time this firing so we were anxious to see the results. At the top right of this pic you can see some of the rutile blue tulip vases that i tried & am delighted they turned out nice. These were Alan's design & we were running very low in the shop & needed to see if we could get them to work.


  1. Nice pots - and those dragons are fab - I'm going to have to have a go at that. Nice flame pics too - I could never get bored of pictures of kilns and firings.

  2. looks like a great firing... love the dragonian conepacks