Friday, 17 July 2009

Why ive been such a bad blogger.

Well it's the festival season again & I've been off seeing the best band's, dj's & friends while sunbathing in the great Scottish weather & dancing the night's away. The first picture is of myself & my friend Kirsty on the big wheel at T in the Park in Kinross, Perthshire.
There where 85,000 people a day at the festival, this pic gives an idea of the scale of it.

This is a pic of the main stage where I seen so many great acts including me & Alan's band of '08
Some great art work aswell, came across these randomly in the middle of a field & thought they were fab.
Always fancied having a go at some spray painting.

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  1. look at that lovely sunshine..gotta have a break sometime..enjoy.