Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Some pots from the last firing.

This first pic is of a handled bowl that I done. You might have seen this shape before from Alan's blog as it's a shape that Alan normally done. It is one of a batch of ten that I was pleased with the results. Some were glazed only on the inside & others all over.
This is one of the first flan dishes that i tried, found the shape easy enough but will need to practice my combing.

Here is a combination of myself & Hugh's pots, the four beakers are Hugh's & the jug is mine.

Took advantage of the sunshine today & photographed some of the pots outside as it shows up the glaze & decoration nicely. The cut handled bowl & casserole pot are Hugh's & the salad server at the front is mine.

Here is a collection of myself & Alan's tulip vases done in the granite glaze. This is a shape that is popular in the shop so it was important that we could replenish the little stock we had left of them. Both myself & Hugh are enjoying opening the kiln & seeing the pots we have never tried before, it's a nice feeling when it works & even better when sell fast. :)


  1. v nice gotta be happy with those results..

  2. Thanks Ang :) yeah pleased with how things are going x

  3. Hi Nic, Looks like a great bunch of pots. Here's to the next firing.
    Well done you two.

  4. Cheers Hannah,things are going well at the pottery. We have began our usual cycle towards our next firing. Hope you are well. Nx

  5. It all looks fantastic. I espcially admire the blue bowl with handles. Very cool.

  6. Like that jug - and the handles on that dish are great.

  7. Thanks everybody for the great feedback, nice to hear. Find im always my own worst critic eg. the jug I was pleased with apart from the handle, still need to practice my pulling handles.