Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Inspiration all around us.

This summer in the fields around the pottery where I go walking with the dogs there has been so many nettles but I came across these ones getting munched by loads of caterpillars.
Now a couple of weeks since the last pic we have so many beautiful butterflies, nice swap for a load of stingy nettles :)

Not sure what type is what but if there is any people out there who is, could you maybe leave a note & let me know. Especially this third pic as the colour's were stunning.
There is just so many picture's to be taken, this gorgeous thistle with this busy bumble bee doing its thing.
& last but not least the Fox glove that has shown its bloom so elegantly this year. With all this beauty all around us, it sure isn't difficult to be inspired.


  1. I was looking at the foxgloves near my workshop today to, they're stunning aren't they. I think the first butterfly is a large tortoishell, not 100% sure about that, but the third pic is definately a peacock - bloomin' beautiful

  2. Thanks Doug :)
    Makes sense calling it a peacock with the beautiful colours resembling the shape of eye's.
    Cheers much x

  3. Was at Nic Collins' placetonight and he has a chart of British butterflies, so I checked it ou - the first one's a Pinted Lady - mighty pretyy

  4. That was handy :) def is mighty pretty, nice name too.
    Cheers, have a good wkend x