Thursday, 6 August 2009

Making clay.

Here is Hugh emptying the slop buckets with the left over clay & the pots that didnt quite make it to make our first mix.

Look at all that lovely clay :) just asking to be made into pots.

This is the next batch which is the new mix which is made up of Hyplas 71, Hymod AT (these are both Ball clay's), China clay & Nepheline Syenite. The Nepheline Syenite works well for making the wood ash stick to the pots better.
The next job is pugging, this takes a while. Think the part time work I done in factory's while seeing myself through Uni was good experience for pugging as being able to switch your brain off & becoming a drone help's. lol I dont mind pugging, quite nice to switch off & day dream for a bit

& finally here is our clay all nicely mixed, pugged & stacked in our old freezers which are great for storing clay. We stack our slop mix seperate from our new mix & use the slop mix first & let the new mix sour.

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  1. Hi Nic, thanks for the comments, I think actually Alan would be saying "So why the hell only silver then? What did you do wrong?!"