Monday, 21 December 2009

My last post.

Well folks thanks for viewing my blog & leaving such nice comments but this will be my last post from Argyll Pottery. I'm unknown if it will be for good or you might see me back here next year at some point, we'll see.
I have built a make shift pottery of my own on a spare piece of land at my Dads house in Glasgow & I'm hoping to make shapes & designs of my own for the first time, which is very exciting. The pottery is nearly there but still got the kiln to build so fingers crossed it goes to plan.
The picture I have inserted in this post was stunning view I had from the flat above the pottery.

Merry Christmas to you all & good luck in the New Year.

Many thanks, Nicola Lindsay


  1. ah all the best nicola, i'm sure its been a challenging year and super that you've been able to get a set up of your own.. oh yeh time to explore what you'd like to make... hope you have a great time kiln building and have a great christmas...stay in touch, cheers sweet ang x

  2. Best of luck Nicola - exciting stuff.

  3. Did you get the bricks then? Good luck, and speak soon, will you be at Kindrogan? Hope so

  4. Hi Ang, yeah its exciting but nervous at the same time x will set up a blog soon & show you all my new adventure.

    Thanks Peter x

    & Hi Hannah, no havent had any response from the ad yet about bricks or burners, fingers crossed. Hoping to go to Kindrogan again this year & maybe have some pots of my own.

    Take care & haope you all had a fab Xmas & all the best for 2010 x

  5. Hi Nicola, did the ad go in the last newsleetr? I can't rememeber but I'm taking on writing the newsletter I think from the nxt one so I could put it in if you want me too. Drop me an email and let me know.
    Best wishes